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One of my favorite tumblr blogs is Undressed Skeleton by Taralynn McNitt {heads up, Taralynn now blogs at but  links out to her new blog via tumblr}. 


Taralynn recently posted on tumblr about one of her grocery shopping trips. For me, Taralynn’s post was an incredibly helpful resource in building my own grocery shopping list for this week.

When it comes to snacking, if it’s unhealthy and sitting in the cabinet, chances are I’ll eat it. I just can’t resist! So I make sure we only have healthy snacks at home. But I tend to buy the same stuff every grocery trip, and then I get in a rut. This list helped me change up my snacking habits while keeping things healthy. Some of the items that made it from Taralynn’s list to mine? Whole almonds, Activia yogurt, edamame salad (to use as a salad topper), almond butter, and dried apricots. Check out the rest of the grocery list here. What do you do to make sure you eat healthy at home?


Don’t save things for a special occasion. Every day of your life is a special occasion. -Thomas S. Monson

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10 resolutions every girl should make in 2014

I like this! Lots of good ideas for self-improvement. My favorite ideas for resolutions are from this list are: read for pleasure, change the way you think about your diet, and just do it already.

My preferred way to make a resolution is to have a big idea I want to accomplish (i.e. “get fit”) and then think of a couple tactics / steps to accomplishing that goal. Having a goal like ”get fit” or “lose 10 pounds” or “read more” is great, but without some sort of process it inevitably gets difficult to stay on track.

What do you think about making New Year’s resolutions? Did you make any for 2014?

Does anyone out there read A Piece of Toast? It’s a favorite blog of mine and I check it almost daily. I love the aesthetic, and the bloggers (sisters Sally and Molly) are so down to earth. Stop by A Piece of Toast and you’ll fall in love too, I just know it.

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Even though I’m 29 (yikes), this is good advice for any age.

"Every Night Starts With A Simple Question…"

Check out this inspiring video from Puma’s “State of Play” campaign, which encourages everyone to go DO something instead of living vicariously through our TVs.

Fave line: “The night deserves to be played, not watched.  And channel surfing is not a sport.”

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In general, and especially since I’ve been engaged, I am very hard on myself about what I eat. If I had an unhealthy meal or snack, I’d feel guilty for days. And with the guilt, I’d have another unhealthy snack. Then I had a breakthrough realization - why do I let food control me? Suddenly this became about more than will power. It became about not allowing an inanimate object - food - control my days, my thoughts, my actions. And since that realization things have been a little bit easier. Not always, but a lot of the time.
My focus for today is to be unashamed about my food choices. Whatever that idea might mean to you, I encourage you to try it. (For me, it starts with drinking lots of water out of my favorite blue cup.) This doesn’t have to be about food, it could be about how you spend your time, or the things you say to your coworkers. It’s a simple decision that can have a big impact.

Click on the title of this blog post to read a really interesting article by Peter Bergman, a strategic advisor and author.  The article discusses the difference between motivation and follow-through, and gives some great advice about getting out of your own way.  Give it a read, it’s well worth your time.

My college friend whose blog you should read shared an interesting thought that feels right on par with where I am right now. (Click the title of this blog post to read her sentiments.)

With the pressures of career + grad school + wedding planning + the day-to-day things of every day life, I often feel as if I’m doing lots of things mediocre instead of focusing on just a couple things and doing them really well. My thoughts get lost in the too-fast hours and before I know it another day has come and gone, meanwhile I’m just going through the motions without truly investing myself in whatever I’m doing. 

In her blog post, my friend talks about the challenge of being fully engaged in whatever she’s doing. I think that’s a good way to start thinking about how we use our time - whatever we’re doing, are we really engaging ourselves in the activity? I’m making it a goal of mine to be more engaged, taking it one day at a time so it’s not overwhelming. We’ll see what happens.