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In general, and especially since I’ve been engaged, I am very hard on myself about what I eat. If I had an unhealthy meal or snack, I’d feel guilty for days. And with the guilt, I’d have another unhealthy snack. Then I had a breakthrough realization - why do I let food control me? Suddenly this became about more than will power. It became about not allowing an inanimate object - food - control my days, my thoughts, my actions. And since that realization things have been a little bit easier. Not always, but a lot of the time.
My focus for today is to be unashamed about my food choices. Whatever that idea might mean to you, I encourage you to try it. (For me, it starts with drinking lots of water out of my favorite blue cup.) This doesn’t have to be about food, it could be about how you spend your time, or the things you say to your coworkers. It’s a simple decision that can have a big impact.